Since beginning my journey of learning how to code and design, I have come across a vast amount of learning resources on the web.

I still discover some educational gems from time to time, and I keep track of them in a document on my computer. This list contains links to online courses, websites, blogs, and other learning resources that have been very helpful in my own education.

I’m only going to recommend resources that I’ve actually used myself, and I will keep adding more learning resources to this list as my own education continues.

Web Development

Treehouse – My primary source of coding education. Treehouse has professional video courses about JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, graphic design, UX, and a lot more. Quizzes and interactive coding challenges help you remember what you learn. If you’re just starting out learning how to code, this is the place you should go to.

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts – This is by far the best JavaScript course I have ever taken. The instructor Tony Alicea explains thing very clearly, and the course is easy to follow along with. I learned a ton from this course. Highly recommended.

Learn and Understand NodeJS – Another great course from the same instructor as above. This course digs deep into Node.js, and explains how it really works. Everything about Node.js became much clearer to me after taking this course.

Code School - If you’re not a complete beginner, Code School has some great courses for you. You watch videos, and then do coding challenges in the browser to test your knowledge. I’ve used Code School several times to understand topics other courses couldn’t explain well enough. Check out their free jQuery course if you want to get a taste of what they have to offer. I guarantee you’ll learn something new.

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial – This is the first comprehensive course I took to learn the back-end part of building a website. You can either buy the course or read the whole thing online for free. Even though Rails is no longer my primary framework, I still recommend you begin with this course if Ruby on Rails is something you want to learn.

What the Flexbox?! – A free video course teaching you all you need to know to get going with flexbox, which is the most modern layout technique that exists today. Wes Bos has a great teaching style, so check out this course if you want to learn about flexbox.

The Command Line Crash Course – An online book teaching you the most important aspects of working with the command line. After going through this, you’ll have no problem navigating your terminal window and making basic commands. If you want to become a full-stack developer, you will have to learn the command line at some point, and this is a good place to start.

Learn to Code HTML & CSS – A great introduction to HTML and CSS. You will learn the fundamentals of building websites, and will be guided through building a nice website from scratch.


UX Apprentice – An introduction to the field of UX. You’ll learn about the different phases of user experience design, get quizzed on your knowledge, and get recommendations for further reading about the topic.

Typoguide – This is a short little guide for learning the basics of typography, choosing typefaces, correct usage of quotes, and more.

Butterick’s Practical Typography – An even more comprehensive online book, teaching you about all the different facets of typography on the web.

Good UI – 75+ UI tips that can make your website more usable and help increase its conversion rate. There’s a lot to learn here.

Fontshop Glossary – A glossary of common typography terminology. A great reference when you’re learning typography and want to be able to look up words you don’t know.

Business and marketing

Copyblogger – This is a treasure trove for learning online marketing, whether you want to learn content marketing, copywriting, or email marketing. By signing up for free, you get access to a large library of marketing ebooks. This is where I began my online marketing education, and I still believe this is one of the best resources for learning content marketing.

Kopywriting Kourse – A fun, easy-to-understand video course for beginning copywriters. Neville Medhora definitely knows a lot about copywriting, and can teach you how you should write to get people to buy from you.

Summer of Marketing – A free email course from Noah Kagan with a bunch of great marketing advice and actionable insights, as well as exercises you can do to improve your own marketing.